The 6 best pizzas in North Carolina, according to our research

Inizio Pizza in Charlotte, North Carolina

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By Staff Reports

May 6, 2024

When it comes to pizza, there are so many delicious options to choose from in North Carolina. From the bustling city of Charlotte to the charming coastal town of Wilmington, each region offers its unique take. Join us as we explore the top pizzerias across the state, based on our research.

Best Pizza in Charlotte: Inizio

Charlotte is a city bursting with energy and flavors. When it comes to pizza, though, Inizio Pizza Napoletana takes the crown. This gem is where tradition meets innovation, offering a dining experience that’ll transport you straight to the streets of Naples without ever leaving the Tar Heel state.

Inizio is celebrated for mastering the art of Neapolitan-style pizza, a craft that’s both an art and a science. Their secret? A wood-fired oven that chars and crisps the crust at scorching temperatures, creating the ideal base for their mouthwatering creations. Each pie is a canvas, and Inizio doesn’t shy away from painting with bold and imaginative toppings. The Margherita, with its vibrant San Marzano sauce, creamy mozzarella, and fresh basil, is a testament to the beauty of simplicity. But it’s their more inventive combinations, like the sumptuous Di Parma (asparagus and prosciutto), that will intrigue your palate and have you coming back for more.

Inzio’s carefully curated selection of wines and local beers make for the perfect companions to your pizza feast. Imagine sipping on a glass of fine Italian wine, the notes of which complement the savory flavors of your pie, all while basking in the lively yet cozy ambiance of one of Charlotte’s finest pizzerias.

For those with a sweet tooth, Inizio offers a delightful end to your meal with their delectable dessert options. From the classic cannoli to the innovative gelato flavors, there’s something to satisfy every craving and round off an exquisite dining experience.

Best Pizza in Greensboro: Sticks and Stones

In Greensboro, Sticks and Stones has carved out its niche as a haven for pizza aficionados. This cherished spot celebrates the beauty of wood-fired pies, where the magic of a blazing hearth meets locally-sourced ingredients to create slices of heaven. It’s a place where the community gathers, drawn by the allure of a menu that promises an experience.

At Sticks and Stones, every pizza tells a story, from the farm where its ingredients were nurtured to the hands that knead the dough and craft each pie with precision and care. The result? A menu brimming with options that cater to every taste and whim. For those who swear by the classics, the To Be the One will enchant with its simplicity – a delicate balance of tangy tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil, its flavors amplified by the smoky kiss of the wood fire. But for the adventurous souls, Sticks and Stones offers creations that challenge the palate and delight the senses, like their renowned Magnolia Mountain, a harmonious blend of earthy mushrooms, peppery greens, and creamy cheese.

Beyond pizza, Sticks and Stones nods to the local craft beer scene, offering a selection of brews that are as thoughtfully curated as their menu. Pairing a slice with the perfect pint becomes an adventure of its own, elevating the dining experience to new heights. It’s this commitment to local flavors and community connections that makes Sticks and Stones a cornerstone of Greensboro’s culinary landscape.

Best Pizza in Raleigh: Oakwood Pizza Box

Raleigh is home to a slice of pizza paradise called Oakwood Pizza Box. This cozy, unassuming spot is where the magic of traditional New York-style pie is alive and well, tantalizing the taste buds of locals and visitors alike with its authentic charm and mouthwatering slices.

From the moment you step into Oakwood Pizza Box, you’re greeted with the enticing aroma of baking dough and melting cheese, a promise of the delightful experience to come. The pizzeria prides itself on striking the perfect balance between a crispy, yet tender crust, a rich, flavorful sauce, and a generous layer of cheese, all coming together to create masterpieces that are both satisfying and sublime.

What sets Oakwood Pizza Box apart is its dedication to quality and simplicity. Each pie is crafted with a meticulous eye for detail, from the hand-tossed dough that forms the foundation of every pie to the high-quality toppings that add character and depth to every bite. Whether you’re a purist who revels in the simplicity of a classic cheese pizza or an adventurer eager to explore more complex flavors, there’s a slice here that will capture your heart and satisfy your cravings.

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Best Pizza in Durham: Hutchins Garage

If there’s a place in Durham where the art of pizza-making is both celebrated and reinvented, it’s Hutchins Garage. This trendy spot in the heart of the city is a sanctuary for those who cherish a slice that’s both familiar and thrilling. With its exposed brick walls and industrial chic decor, Hutchins Garage is where Durham’s vibrant personality is mirrored in every pizza pie served.

What sets Hutchins Garage apart is its fearless approach to toppings and its dedication to the perfect crust. Here, the pizzas are a canvas for creativity, featuring combinations that are daringly delicious. Imagine indulging in a slice where the heat of Fresno chiles meets the sweetness of local honey, or where the richness of blackened brisket is lifted by the tang of blue cheese. It’s this adventurous spirit that has captured the hearts and palates of locals and travelers alike.

Best Pizza in Wilmington: Hoobie’s NY Pizza

Hoobie’s NY Pizza in Wilmington stands as a beacon for those in pursuit of the quintessential New York-style pizza experience right in North Carolina. Hoobie’s is a slice of the Big Apple itself, offering a taste of authentic, thin-crust pies that whisk you away to the bustling streets of New York with every bite.

Walking into Hoobie’s, you’re immediately enveloped in an atmosphere that’s both welcoming and vibrant. The walls adorned with New York memorabilia, the aroma of freshly baked pizza dough mingling with the scent of rich tomato sauce and melting cheese – it’s an immersive experience that sets the stage for the culinary delight that awaits.

What makes Hoobie’s stand out in the sea of pizza offerings is its unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality. Each pie is a masterpiece, crafted with a thin, crisp crust that boasts the perfect balance of chewiness and crunch. The secret lies in their time-honored dough recipe and the expert hands that stretch it to perfection, creating a base that’s both sturdy and delicious.

The toppings at Hoobie’s are no afterthought; they’re a carefully curated selection that pays homage to classic New York-style pies while also offering inventive combinations that cater to a diverse range of palates. From the simplicity of a cheese slice, where the quality of the mozzarella shines, to the daring and delightful Chicken Wing Pizza, bursting with flavor, there’s something for everyone. Each ingredient is chosen for its freshness and quality, ensuring that every pie that comes out of the oven is a testament to the pizzeria’s passion for pizza-making.

Best Pizza in Asheville: 828 Family Pizzeria

Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is a city celebrated for its vibrant arts scene, rich history, and culinary excellence. At the heart of this culinary scene is 828 Family Pizzeria, a gem that has won over the hearts of both locals and visitors with its commitment to crafting the most scrumptious pizzas in North Carolina. This cozy pizzeria, with its inviting ambiance and friendly staff, serves up slices that capture the essence of artisanal pizza-making.

828 Family Pizzeria stands out for its dedication to quality and freshness, a principle evident in every aspect of their pizza creation. The dough, a product of love and patience, is handcrafted daily, ensuring that each pie base is airy and tender, with just the right amount of chew. This commitment to quality extends to their choice of toppings. Locally sourced ingredients are the stars of the show here, showcasing North Carolina’s abundant produce and the pizzeria’s strong ties to the community and local farmers.

The menu at 828 Family Pizzeria is a delightful blend of traditional and innovative. Traditionalists will be enthralled by the Classic Cheese, where the simplicity of fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomato sauce shines, allowing the quality of the ingredients and the skill of the chefs to take center stage. But for those seeking a culinary adventure, 828 offers pizzas that push the boundaries of flavor combinations. Their gourmet Salad Pizza, for instance, is a riot of colors and tastes, featuring veggies, artisan cheeses, and a hint of garlic that will have even the most devout carnivores questioning their allegiance.




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