Cardinal & Pine’s Billy Ball talks rural issues, education on “Do Politics Better”

"Do Politics Better" Podcast

"Do Politics Better" is a podcast featuring deep-dives and interviews with leaders, journalists, and more in North Carolina politics.

By Staff Reports

December 19, 2023

A conversation on the struggles of rural North Carolina, education, and confronting the holidays after a profound loss.

Recently, C&P Senior Editor Billy Ball talked about new forms of journalism (like us!), public education, misinformation, and the struggles of rural NC in a conversation with the NC podcast, “Do Politics Better.”

“Do Politics Better” is recorded by NC lobbyists Brian Lewis and Skye David in Raleigh, with a deep-dive focus on state news, policy, and personalities in North Carolina politics. Previous guests include state and federal lawmakers, journalists, policymakers, and more.

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The podcast is free to listen to, and definitely worth a subscription if you’re interested in NC politics. We come in at about the 11-minute mark. Click here to listen.

Billy Ball is a senior community editor at Cardinal & Pine, covering community, culture, politics, and more. For more on North Carolina politics, culture, and history, make sure you sign up for our award-winning, free newsletter.



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