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Renters Are Struggling. The Biden Administration Introduced New Protections for Them This Week.

The Biden administration introduced several new efforts to protect renters, make renting more affordable, and to increase fairness in the rental market.

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These Cities Have the Most Expensive Homes in North Carolina

Using data from Zillow, here is a list of 30 cities with the most expensive homes in North Carolina as of August 2022.

Homes Aren’t Affordable in North Carolina. And It’s Getting Worse. 

The housing boom may be slowing, but there's a huge gap between what potential homeowners make and what they need to make to afford a mortgage. 

Democratic Rep. Alma Adams, who represents Charlotte, above, and Republican Rep. David Rouzer, who represents Wilmington and other cities, helped expand North Carolina's ability to address the affordable housing crisis. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)
How a Rare Bit of Bipartisanship Secured Millions for Affordable Housing in NC

A bill introduced by Rep. Alma Adams, Democrat, and Rep. David Rouzer, prompted US officials to remove restrictions on federal economic relief aid. Hundreds of thousands in NC could benefit.

There's a housing crisis for LGBTQ youth. (Shutterstock)
There’s a Housing Crisis for LGBTQ+ Youth

Federal nondiscrimination protections would go a long way toward helping.

A federal program rolled into the American Rescue Plan offers help to homeowners at risk of losing their homes amid the pandemic. (Shutterstock)
Foreclosures Are Going Up. Here’s How to Get Help To Stay in Your Home.

A fund created through the American Rescue Plan offers up to $40,000 for homeowners who risk losing their homes because of pandemic related hardships. 

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North Carolina Could See Boost in Child Care, Health Care, Paid Leave, and Housing if Congress Acts

The "Build Back Better" legislation, a benchmark for President Biden’s administration, faces opposition from Republicans.