VIDEO: Attorney General Josh Stein Cites Bipartisan Approach to Clearing Rape-Kit Backlog

By Michael McElroy

April 29, 2024


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Five years ago, North Carolina had one the largest number of untested rape kits in the country. Now it has next to none.

Through a bipartisan effort, the state cleared nearly 12,000 untested kits since 2019, Attorney General Josh Stein announced this month.

That, Stein told us last week, helped bring justice that had long been denied. And it shows, he said, how state leaders can solve problems even amid the hyper-partisan landscape of state and national politics.

It’s a matter, he said, of finding “serious people of both parties.”


  • Michael McElroy

    Michael McElroy is Cardinal & Pine's political correspondent. He is an adjunct instructor at UNC-Chapel Hill's Hussman School of Journalism and Media, and a former editor at The New York Times.



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