Rip currents can be dangerous at North Carolina's Outer Banks. Here's how to get out of them safely. (Shutterstock)
A North Carolina Man Rescued Two Children at Oak Island Beach. Here’s What We Can Learn From Him.  

This is as good an opportunity as ever to talk about how to escape the biggest danger beachgoers face in North Carolina.

Most voters are unaware of it, but abortion rights in NC and across the country could be one election away from falling.
A Look at How the GOP Candidates for the N.C. Supreme Court Might Vote in Abortion Cases

The state Supreme Court might be the last stand for abortion rights, and there’s a lot at stake in this fall’s election of two seats that have not attracted much attention from the public. 

A copperhead at the Nature Museum in Charlotte, N.C. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)
‘Don’t Suck Out the Venom’ and More Guidance for Snake Bites

There are lots of misconceptions about snakes, so as we enter a peak breeding season, the best defense against bites is being informed.

NC Attorney General Josh Stein, US Rep. Deborah Ross, Dr. Erica Pettigrew, a family practitioner, and NC Rep. Rosa Gill at a news conference last week. Pettigrew said her new pregnant patients were hesitant say they were considering abortions. (Photo by Michael McElroy/Cardinal & Pine)
Facing a ‘Frightening Moment’ for Abortion Rights in NC, Supporters Say Go to the Polls This Fall

'Republican leaders in the General Assembly are scheming to turn the clock back 50 years,' Rep. Deborah Ross said last week.

President Joe Biden works in isolation on the Truman Balcony of the White House after testing positive for COVID the first time. (Adam Schultz/The White House via AP)
After President Biden Tests Positive Again for COVID, Let’s Talk About Paxlovid ‘Rebound’ Cases

A UNC Health doctor explains how the antiviral Paxlovid could produce so-called rebounds. But the drug is still worth taking for many people.

Florence hit the North Carolina coast in September, 2018.  
(NOAA via AP)
Peak Hurricane Season Is Coming. Here’s What You Need To Do To Prepare. 

Don’t be fooled by a calm early summer. Forecasters say it could be a busy few months for storms.

Homes Aren’t Affordable in North Carolina. And It’s Getting Worse. 

The housing boom may be slowing, but there's a huge gap between what potential homeowners make and what they need to make to afford a mortgage.