VIDEO: Gerrymandering Threatens Abortion Rights. What Can Voters Do?

By Michael McElroy

January 31, 2024

North Carolina Republicans redrew Congressman Wiley Nickel’s district so that he had no chance of winning re-election in 2024. That process is called gerrymandering. And its dangers are far greater than threatening individual political careers.

By drawing districts that ensure Republican victories and Democratic losses, that means Congress and the North Carolina legislature are freer to enact laws that restrict abortion rights, threaten the environment, and defund public schools—positions that are widely unpopular in the state.

So what can voters do? We asked Nickel.

Get loud, he said.


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  • Michael McElroy

    Michael McElroy is Cardinal & Pine's political correspondent. He is an adjunct instructor at UNC-Chapel Hill's Hussman School of Journalism and Media, and a former editor at The New York Times.


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