Polls Open to Choose New ‘I Voted’ Stickers for Wake County

Here are the nominees for the new stickers given to Wake County voters during the Early Voting period. (Wake County Board of Elections.)

By Michael McElroy

June 9, 2023

Students across Wake County submitted new designs for the stickers given to voters during the Early Voting period. Now voters can pick their favorite.

Sure, voting is the last line of defense against tyranny, injustice and insurrection, but let’s face it, we’d do it just for the “I voted” stickers. 

Slapping those stickers on our shirts, water bottles or laptops every Election Day feels like a badge of honor, a gold medal, a diploma of higher civics. 

Well, for Wake County voters, at least, some of those medals are about to get a whole new shine.

The vote for the new Wake County “I voted early” stickers is now live. 

In April, the Wake Board of Elections asked students across the county to submit new designs for the stickers given to voters during the Early Voting period. They got lots of submissions, 106 to be exact. 

Staff then chose their favorite 10.

Now it’s the voter’s turn.

The final submissions come from 6th-12 graders, and feature sunrises, the Wright Brothers’ plane, and a unicorn. A couple of them incorporate cardinals, the state bird and our inspiration, but we are not letting that sway our vote. (Ok fine, it totally swayed our vote.)

“The engagement and creativity from the students have been incredible,” Director of Elections Olivia McCall said in a news release. “With so many impressive designs, narrowing down the field has been the biggest challenge for us. No matter the result, we hope this has been a fun way for Wake County’s future voters to get involved in their local government and learn more about the elections process.”

Anyone can vote for their favorite design, but only Wake County voters will benefit. Voting closes at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, June 21. 

To vote and see the submissions visit WakeVotesEarly.com, or click here. You’ll need to enter an email address so the system knows you’re not cheating. 

The winner will be announced on June 23.


  • Michael McElroy

    Michael McElroy is Cardinal & Pine's political correspondent. He is an adjunct instructor at UNC-Chapel Hill's Hussman School of Journalism and Media, and a former editor at The New York Times.

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