Solo Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Is Going to Be Weird This Year. Here’s How to Cope.

A behavioral psychologist says the first step to coping with a different Thanksgiving is acknowledging the strangeness of the times.

A red-haired, middle aged woman gazes off in the distance while her brunette companion urgently shares divergent political views.
Don’t Toss the Gravy: Tips for Staying Calm During Thanksgiving When Your Relatives Have Trash Politics

Whether online or in person, Thanksgiving gatherings are likely to be politically tense this year. Here’s how to keep peace with more strident relatives and speak up without ruining dinner, too.

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Dear Sen. Burr, You’ve Failed North Carolina. It’s Time to Resign.

"My alma mater’s motto is Pro humanitate. Literally, for humanity. You know that phrase, too. You also graduated from Wake Forest. And yet your first impulse is to serve yourself."