Milly Cort (top-left) and her husband Hamilton (top-right), of Charlotte, have enrolled their children Ally (bottom-left) and Henry (bottom-right) in a nearby learning pod program. (Photo by Grant Baldwin for Cardinal & Pine)
Learning Pods Could Throw Fuel on to the Fire Of Inequality in NC

These informal education groups might be the answer for some to this year’s school dilemma but at what price?

A demonstrator marches in front of the State Capitol in Raleigh in June. The Capitol has been the scene of multiple protests of racial inequality in 2020. (Image via Shutterstock)
How History Is Made: After George Floyd, NC Educators Consider a More Inclusive Curriculum

The NC Department of Education is trying to make its history curriculum more representative of our country. Getting it right is proving to be a challenge.

A plaque in honor of George Floyd was added to the Confederate monument on the Capitol grounds during a protest. (Image via Shutterstock)
NC’s Confederate Statues are Coming Down. But Officials in One Town Want to Shut Down Protests Instead.

Officials in Graham passed a town ordinance discouraging protests over the town's Confederate statute standing. A federal judge is intervening.