Bigfoot & the Beast of Bladenboro: A look into North Carolina’s legendary creatures

Artist rendering of The Beast of Bladenboro

The Beast of Bladenboro, one of NC's many mythical monsters, as it might have looked. (Photo via the Wilmington Star-News)

By Staff Reports

May 17, 2024

From the Bigfoot of the Uwharrie to the Beast of Bladenboro, North Carolina has more than its share of legendary creatures.

From Bigfoot in the Uwharrie Forest to vampire creatures, North Carolina is home to a diverse range of mythical beings that have captured the imaginations of locals and visitors alike. Let’s discover the legendary creatures taking up residence in North Carolina.

Bigfoot of the Uwharrie Forest

Deep within the Uwharrie Forest, the towering legend of Bigfoot has etched itself into the very bark and bramble of North Carolina. In 1958, the first Bigfoot sighting in 1958 sparked rumors about the creature across the United States.

Apparently, North Carolina barbeque is what beckoned the creature, propelling it to travel across the country in search of a tasty meal. Apparently it’s taken up residence in Uwharrie Forest while it seeks out the best BBQ North Carolina has to offer.

The Beast of Bladenboro, AKA the Vampire Beast

The Beast of Bladenboro is also known to the locals with a shudder as the Vampire Beast. This story has been part of North Carolina folklore since 1953. In the small, sleepy town of Bladenboro, a sinister presence lurked. The Vampire Beast, as it came to be known, was not content with lurking in the shadows. Its reign of terror spanned a chilling 200-mile stretch from Bladenboro to Charlotte, leaving behind a trail of carnage and whispered fears.

The descriptions of the beast varied, but the essence of the tales painted a picture of a creature of nightmares—a behemoth with glowing eyes who leaves behind a scent of death. What was this creature? A bear? A wolf? A product of the imagination? People have claimed everything from a bear to a panther.

Fairies of the North Carolina Mountains

The fairies of the North Carolina mountains are elusive sprites. They’re said to dance in the moonlit glades and frolic in the cool, clear streams.

According to local lore, these fairies are fierce protectors of their natural realm, guardians of the secrets that lie hidden beneath the moss and stone. They move with the silent grace of the wind, their presence felt rather than seen, a gentle reminder of the magic that suffuses the natural world. The Cherokee Legend has continued to lure people to Chimney Rock for generations.

The Loch Ness Monster’s Cousin Under Lake Norman

The waters of Lake Norman are said to be home to a beast akin to the legendary Nessie. North Carolina holds its own with a mysterious creature in the waters of Lake Norman. Normie, the name of the Lake Norman water monster, is a story of speculation.

People can share their sightings at, where a number of people have experienced an Whether you’re a believer in lake monsters or a staunch skeptic, there’s no denying the allure of a good mystery. The next time you find yourself gazing out over Lake Norman, keep your eyes peeled—you might just catch a glimpse of Normie.

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