Gender-Affirming Care for Trans People Is Safe, But North Carolina Is About To Ban It

Cardinal & Pine intern Toni Ocloo breaks down a controversial piece of anti-trans legislation in the North Carolina legislature.

By Staff Reports

July 11, 2023

Breaking down a controversial anti-trans bill in N.C.’s state legislature banning gender-affirming care for minors.

NC Republicans want to ban access to gender-affirming care for minors in the state.

Cardinal & Pine intern Toni Ocloo explains what you need to know about state House Bill 808, which advocates are calling another example of the continued attacks on the LGBTQ+ community, on bodily autonomy, and parental rights occurring in the state and across the nation.

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Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed Republicans’ bill last week, but in the coming days the GOP is expected to attempt to override his veto — which requires a 2/3 vote in both chambers. Follow us for more updates.


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