Which NC Summer Bird Are You?

By Leah Sherrell

June 15, 2023

If you’ve had some winged and feathered friends visit your backyard lately, you may have noticed they have their own personalities. Want to know which ones you’re most like? Read on to find out. 

One thing you can expect about summer is the sound of chirping birds. You may not notice them at first, but if you take a minute to listen, you’ll soon hear that their chattering is endless. 

Personally, I like it, and I’ve even put a bird feeder out to bring them closer. I have noticed, however, that some species seem to be on the shy side, whereas others seem to have no problem letting you and other birds know what’s on their mind. 

We looked up the 10 most commonly-spotted summer birds in North Carolina and each of them has different personalities (like the difference between a Basset Hound and an Australian Shepard). 

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of bird you’d be, you can find out right now. 

Carolina Cardinal

Carolina Cardinal//Shutterstock

People who don’t shy away from establishing their boundaries will see eye to eye with our state bird.  Not only are these birds vocal about what they want (and don’t want),  they’ll even fight their own reflection because of how territorial they are. You may just be a Carolina Cardinal if these resonate with you:

  • You could settle down and thrive in the city or country. Cardinals are highly adaptable and can be found living in both rural and urban areas of the state.
  • While you’re very adamant about your boundaries, you are generally a gentle, welcoming person. While Cardinals are territorial, monogamous birds, they will also share feeders and food sources with other birds. 

Carolina Wren

Carolina Wren//Shutterstock

If the people in your life describe you as “tiny but mighty,” this bird is you. The Carolina Wren is a small and adorably round species that loves to be on the move. So, how do you know if you’re a Carolina Wren?

  • You have an inquisitive nature that pushes you to explore your environment. Wrens are very curious and will explore their surroundings, including people’s porches and gardens. 
  • You are always down for thrifting or a DIY project. This tiny bird is nothing if not resourceful, they create elaborate nests out of all sorts of materials, and they’re great at finding food in hard-to-reach places. 

Carolina Chickadee


This bird could also be known as a social butterfly, so if you’re a bubbly person who loves to make friends, you belong with the Chickadees. You’ll also fit right in if:

  • You are community oriented. Not only do Chickadees hang out in large groups, but they also forage together, keep an eye out for predators that may harm the flock, and love a good spa day (i.e. they groom each other). 
  • Going one step further from simply being “sociable,” if you’re a kid at heart and love to have a good time, these out-and-about birds are also known for being playful and using their environments like a jungle gym. 

Mourning Dove 

Mourning Dove//Shutterstock

Softer souls will identify more with the Mourning Doves. They’re often described as gentle, peaceful, and on the shyer side. 

  • If you are someone who likes to sit back and go with the flow, this bird is your match made in heaven. The Mourning Dove can live in a variety of environments and will happily coexist with humans and other birds.  
  • If people have told you that you’re soft-spoken or have a calming voice, you’re probably a Mourning Dove, because even their songs are soft and tranquil. 

Tufted Titmouse

Tufted Titmouse//Shutterstock

Rather than an all-out social butterfly, you’re more like a Tufted Titmouse if you like to keep a close circle of friends and are a bit more guarded when you first get to know others. This bird is also a good fit for you if:

  • You’re very expressive about your feelings and opinions. The Tufted Titmouse are known for being vocal and have an array of songs, calls, and whistles. 
  • You consider yourself to be quick-witted and clever. This bird can remember where they’ve hidden food and even solve puzzles. 

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American Crow

American Crow//Shutterstock

If you have a mind for science and a penchant for light-hearted mischief, this is your bird. American Crows are intelligent birds that love to have a little fun. Other signs that you’re an American Crow include:

  • You are a problem solver. Not only will crows use tools and solve puzzles, but they also have sophisticated ways of communicating what they need. 
  • You look out for your family. Crows stick together in large flocks and will work together to drive out predators and intruders, and they even share information about food sources. 

Eastern Towhee

Eastern Towhee//Shutterstock

If you are on the secretive side, (aka someone not likely to show all their cards), you and the Eastern Towhee are two peas in a pod. These birds are on the shyer side and prefer to stay in the background. You may also relate to this species if: 

  • Underneath your shy exterior you have a fiery side. While generally a more cautious bird, Eastern Towhees aren’t birds to be messed with. The males especially will become aggressive to other birds intruding on their space.  
  • You are musically inclined. These birds may not like to be seen but they have no problem being heard, and their call is often described as melodic. 

American Robin

American Robin//Shutterstock

Those who are not easily rattled and listen to their instincts will find themselves relating to the American Robin, which are not startled by humans and live by instinctive behavior. You may also be an American Robin if:

  • You base your decisions on gut feeling rather than rationalizing everything. This bird is not necessarily the most intelligent (not to say that you aren’t) and that means they rely on intuition to get where they need to go. 
  • You are an active person who enjoys running or going to the gym. These little birds are deceptively strong and have adapted to be able to move quickly on the ground and in the air. 

Blue Jay

Two Blue Jays//Shutterstock

If people can never quite figure you out, you could identify with the Blue Jay—beautiful but untouchable, with a soft spot for family and friends. You’re also a Blue Jay if you relate to the following descriptions:

  • You like to be prepared. Blue Jays are smart and have great memories, so they’ll often store food in hidden places until they need it in harder times. 
  • You like to have your personal space … aggressively so. These birds are territorial. They mate for life and have strong social ties, but they will aggressively chase away birds that get too close to their food or territory. 

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Red Bellied Woodpecker//Shutterstock

Flashy individuals with an eccentric flair will appreciate the Red Bellied Woodpecker, whose bright colors and unique way of building nests—and attracting mates—are hard to miss. Other ways you can relate to Red Bellied Woodpeckers?

  • You do things your own way and don’t care for others’ judgment. Woodpeckers are loud. They attract mates by drumming on trees (or metal surfaces) and build their nests by carving out holes into the wood. They may be loud, but they always get things done. 
  • You always seem to have a new project. If you’ve ever watched a woodpecker for a period of time you may notice they seem a bit erratic, flying and flitting around—but scientists think they are honing in on their predator-avoiding-techniques. 

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  • Leah Sherrell

    Leah Sherrell is a multimedia reporter for Cardinal & Pine. A graduate of UNC-Wilmington, she's a resident of Kernersville with a background in video production and communication. Leah uses many forms of media to explore the multifaceted lifestyles and cultures present in North Carolina.

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