GOP Lawmakers Sought to Overturn Biden’s Election. Now They Condemn Violence at Capitol Building.

GOP Lawmakers Sought to Overturn Biden’s Election. Now They Condemn Violence at Capitol Building.

Supporters of President Donald Trump climb the west wall of the the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

By Michael McElroy

January 6, 2021

Just one GOP House rep from North Carolina voted to certify Biden’s win following a Trump-incited riot at the Capitol.

Hours after a mob of Trump supporters broke into the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, assaulted police officers, damaged and looted Congressional offices, and sought to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, seven of North Carolina’s 10 Republican Congressional representatives voted to decertify Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 elections.

Though most of the delegation criticized the violence through official statements or on Twitter, all but one NC Republican House member aligned themselves with the mobs intent – to deny a clear victory under false allegations of fraud.

The demonstrations were encouraged this week by President Donald Trump, who hurriedly issued a video Wednesday repeating false claims of a “stolen” election. In a speech in front of a crowd that would minutes later become the mob, Trump said his followers should march to Congress as a show of strength.

The attack came on the day members of the US House of Representatives and US Senate were set to begin certifying the presidential election’s results. Many of NC’s delegation, repeating the president’s false claims, have declared their intention to object to certifying Joe Biden’s win.

Rep. Patrick McHenry, District 10, was the only Republican House member to vote to certify Biden’s Electoral College Victory. Both NC Republican Senators, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, voted to certify as well.

“The Capitol is our nation’s most remarkable building,” McHenry said in a press release. “It is a working monument to our nation’s founding principles and testament to the freedoms we hold dear.” He added: “What happened there yesterday was awful. Seeing Capitol Police attacked as mobs forced their way in, was not something I ever expected to see in this country. There is real frustration, but frustration should be expressed through peaceful protest. All Americans must agree that we can never condone violence.”

He said voting against certifying the results would have violated his oath to protect the Constitution, and would set a dangerous precedent.

“While I am proud to have supported President Trump’s agenda and am honored to have worked with him as he accomplished so much, I cannot violate the oath I took. It is my duty to uphold my Constitutional responsibilities.”

These are are NC Republicans who voted to throw out the legal election results:

Dan Bishop, District 9.

Ted Budd, House District 13.

Madison Cawthorn, District 11

Virginia Foxx, District 5

Richard Hudson, District 8

Gregory Murphy, District 3

David Rouzer, District 7

And below are the immediate reactions from all of NC’s Washington Delegation to Wednesday’s violence.

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Ted Budd, House District 13. 

Tweets after the mob broke into the Capitol: none

His most recent tweet before:


Dan Bishop, District 9

His pinned Tweet before:


Madison Cawthorn, District 11.

Virginia Foxx, District 5.

Tweets After:

Most Recent Tweet Before:

Greg Murphy, District 3.


David Rouzer, District 7.


Tweets After: none

Most recent Tweet before:

Richard Hudson, District 8.



Alma Adams, House District 12.

Has said she would certify the vote.


G.K. Butterfield, House District 1.

Has said he would certify:


Kathy Manning, House District 6.

Has said she would certify. 

David E. Price, House District 4.

Has said he would certify:

Tweets After: 

“Pro-Trump protesters have stormed the U.S. Capitol building, forcing the House into recess.  I am safe. Thank you to our brave Capitol Police officers who are actively working to protect Members, staff, and the press.”


Deborah Ross, House District 2.

Has said she would certify.

Tweets After: None

Most Recent Tweet Before: 

Senator Richard Burr, Republican. Has said he would certify the vote.

Tweets After: None.

Senator Thom Tillis, Republican. Has said he would certify the vote.

Tweet After

Most Recent Tweet Before: He linked to a statement saying that he would certify the vote.


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