VIDEO: Why Coronavirus Is ‘Like Nothing We’ve Seen In Recent Years,’ According To An Epidemiologist

Dr. Linda Brown, a senior epidemiologist at RTI International. (Image via screenshot)

By Billy Ball

April 21, 2020

Dr. Linda Brown, a senior epidemiologist at RTI International, talked with Cardinal & Pine about why social distancing remains essential to curb the spread of COVID-19, despite growing protests in North Carolina and across the U.S. to stay-at-home orders.

Dr. Brown had this to say to protesters who argue that, in this case, the cure — social distancing and its impacts on the economy — is worse than the disease: “I don’t think they would think it’s worse than the disease if they or someone in their family was was put on a ventilator in a hospital or died. … If it hits them or their families or people they love and know, it would be a different story.”

Watch the full video below.


  • Billy Ball

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