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North Carolina native J. Cole in concern in 2015. Cole's Dreamville Festival is one of our favorite ways to see live music again. (Photo by Robb D. Cohen/Invision/AP)
Get Lost in Live Music Again at These 6 North Carolina Spots

Here are the 6 best ways to see live music in NC, combining great music, great sound quality, and great vibes.

Fascinating Facts about NC’s Most Populated Cities: Krispy Kreme, The Carolina Gold Rush, and a Haunted Bridge

Some of these cities are technically older than the state of North Carolina and others are just barely over 100 years old.

Camp North End in Charlotte, one of 5 hubs with tons of outdoor dining options this spring. (Shutterstock)
5 Outdoor Dining Options for North Carolina

Dining in perfect spring weather makes everything better - here’s our list of outdoor dining hubs that will plug you into the community this season. 

Graphic by Francesca Daly for Cardinal & Pine
Meet Your North Carolina Lawmakers: State Sen. Rachel Hunt of Mecklenburg County

Democrat Rachel Hunt was elected to represent southern Charlotte in the state Senate in November. She is a lawyer who previously served two terms in the state House. She is also an advocate for public education and the environment.

Graphic by Francesca Daly for Cardinal & Pine
Biden Administration Funds Cleanup of Five Contaminated Sites in North Carolina

Superfund sites are locations that have been contaminated due to hazardous waste being dumped, left out in the open, or otherwise improperly managed, including in manufacturing facilities, processing plants, landfills, and mining sites.

Graphic by Francesca Daly for Cardinal & Pine
10 Black-Owned Restaurants to Try in Charlotte

To honor Black History Month, we're highlighting Black-owned businesses across North Carolina, starting with a deep dive into the food scene in the state's most populous city.

Photo via Shutterstock
5 Weekend Activities Across North Carolina (Feb. 3-5)

It’s the first weekend in February, and if you’re looking for a fun way to start the month, here are a few things you can check out in Charlotte, Asheville, and elsewhere.