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The pandemic has upended Ramadan for the second year in a row. Stylist Lamia Ashour of Charlotte tells us how she's adapting.
With Ramadan Upended Again by COVID, One Charlotte Woman Took Her Celebration Global

Each Ramadan, NC's Lamia Ashour looks for ways to uphold the Islamic tenet of giving, but the pandemic is complicating things again.

Widespread protests after George Floyd's death did not contribute to any noticeable increase in coronavirus infections, officials say. (Photo for Cardinal & Pine by Grant Baldwin)
Here’s How This Charlotte Woman Is Trying to Keep Police Accountable in her City

Charlotte’s Citizens Review Board was created to protect the public from police misconduct. The committee chair wants to make sure residents know how to navigate it.

The addition of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to the United States' arsenal of COVID vaccines—which so far includes one each from Pfizer and Moderna—could make vaccinating large amounts of people easier, once the supply is ready. (Photo by Eva Marie Uzcategui Trinkl/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
Cohen: All 100 Counties Will Get Vaccine

After thousands of vaccination appointments were canceled this week, NC DHHS pledges to distribute vaccines to all corners of the state.

National Guard soldiers assist by directing those arriving for vaccination appointments at Bojangles Arena in Charlotte, NC, the primary site of vaccine distribution for Mecklenburg County. (Image for Cardinal & Pine by Grant Baldwin)
‘Spend More Time With the Grandkids’: North Carolinians Line Up in Charlotte for COVID Vaccine

Eat out. Get a haircut. Be a good citizen. People in Charlotte on why they rushed to get the COVID vaccine as NC upped inoculation efforts.

From L-R, the founders of 704 Shop, a locally-owned clothing store in Charlotte: Scott Wooten, Jerri Shephard, and Christopher Moxley. 704 Shop shut down in-store operations Dec. 6 — the busiest shopping season of the year — to keep their staff safe. Show them some love. (Image via 704 Shop on Facebook, @logancyrus / @charlottemag)
You Should Support NC Businesses When You Shop This Year. Here’s a Guide To Help.

Candy, puzzles, gear and masks: Here's a short shopping guide for NC-based merchants this holiday season. Keep your dollars local.

From left to right, the 'Christmas in Carolina' cast: Jessi Niccolet, Terrence Shingler, Darius McCrary, Kellie Shanygne Williams, David L. Rowell, and Joslyn Y. Hall of Charlotte. (Image via The True Story Photography)
We Need More Black Holiday Films. A ‘Family Matters’ Reunion With NC Ties Fills the Role.

'Black Lives Matter' changed the way we look at screen representation. 'Christmas in Carolina' film had that in mind.

Like many educators in NC's largest city, Charlotte teacher Justin Parmenter returned to the classroom Monday in the midst of a resurgence in the state's COVID cases. (Image via Justin Parmenter)
Diary of a Teacher Day 1: Back in the Classroom

Some NC schools opened despite COVID. An educator talks nervous kids, nervous teachers, and teaching in-person and virtually—at the same time.