Op-Ed: The Harsh Reality of Extremist Political Candidates for Average NC Citizens

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, Republican candidate for governor, speaks at an election night event in Greensboro, N.C., Tuesday, March 5, 2024. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

By Andrea Woodin

March 27, 2024

When I told my mom that I planned on writing about Mark Robinson her reply was simply, “My opinion on Mark Robinson couldn’t be printed.” That comment is coming from a lifelong Republican voter. This modern-day Republican Party is alienating so many voters who long valued conservative views while lifting the extreme and hate-filled people into power.

I have always been more liberal than the people I surrounded myself with, family included. In recent years I have become more outspoken with my views and opinions. I identify as a queer woman and run a business I publicly label as an LGBTQIA+ safe place in the not-always-tolerant Franklin County. After our teenager came out to us as agender, I decided I was a fighter, for him. I’m now involved in the county Democratic party, effectively putting a target on my back.

I worry about our future in North Carolina as a woman, a mother, a business owner, and a decent human being. How could we live under a governor who openly quotes Hitler, who refers to the LGBTQIA+ community as filth, who calls my child a maggot, and who wants to take away my right to vote or to get an abortion? 

That’s just a short list of his offenses. This man is dangerous and his words are completely un-American. Yes, we are scared but we are also angry. 

Now we also have to worry about Michele Morrow. If you haven’t kept up to date on this hot mess, she is the Republican nominee for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Most notably she has called for the public and televised execution of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. She is a QAnon follower and proudly calls for killing those she believes are traitors. 

In America, we have the right to choose if we want religion in our lives and what type, we also have the right to a separation of church and state. This woman wants to ban Islam and keep Muslims out of elected office. She wants to bring Christian instruction into public schools.

If you have yet to familiarize yourself with the term Christian nationalism, now is the time. The reality of our current political climate in North Carolina is harsh. Many of us could be effectively “run out of town.” I have lived in this state my entire life and I plan on fighting back as long as I can.

On Mark Robinson: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/north-carolina-gop-mark-robinson-worst-comments-1234984155/amp/

On Michele Morrow: https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2024/03/14/politics/kfile-gop-nominee-north-carolina-public-schools-michele-morrow-executing-democrats 


  • Andrea Woodin

    Andrea Woodin is a mother, a wife, and a small business owner. She lives with her family and six pets in Franklin County NC.



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