Good News Friday: Who wants to go to a baby shower for birds of prey?

Every year, the Carolina Raptor Center in Huntersville takes in dozens of baby birds. Celebrate those new raptors with, of all things, a baby shower. (Photo via Carolina Raptor Center)

By Leah Sherrell

February 2, 2024

Yes, baby owls are cute. Plus: NC is loaded down with great options with foodies. This, and other good news, in today’s edition of “Good News Friday.”

Happy Friday everyone!

Let’s get into the weekend the right way with a weekly recap of good news from around the state.

NC Has 9 James Beard Award Nominees

For those who don’t know, the James-Beard Awards are like the Grammys of the culinary world, with yearly nominations that recognize exceptional talent. That includes chefs, restaurants, bakeries, and bars.

This year North Carolina chefs, restaurants, and bakeries won 12 nominations across 5 categories!

From Asheville to Wilmington, the NC culinary world’s talent earned their place in the semifinals like Bobby Boy Bakeshop in Winston-Salem for ‘Outstanding Bakery’ and Ajja for ‘Best New Restaurant’ in Raleigh.

One-of-a-kind Baby Shower

Mark your calendars for Feb. 10 because the Carolina Raptor Center is hosting a baby shower and is inviting you to attend!

Every spring, they take in dozens of baby birds (raptors to be specific). This is the chance to celebrate those baby birds.
Attendees will meet a raptor, talk with a keeper, and enjoy the raptor trail that is home to more than 30 birds of prey.

Punxsutawney Phil Predicts an Early Spring


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Ok, I’m kind of cheating on this one.

Technically the groundhog Phil lives up in Pennsylvania, but who in North Carolina isn’t ready for spring to hurry up and get here? And according to a groundhog whose life is dedicated to predicting spring’s arrival, we can expect an early warm-weather season!

It may be a little silly to take Phil not seeing his shadow as a sign of better days, but as winter comes to a close it’s nice to have a reminder that we’re in the last stretch of the cold.

Hoke County History

Hoke County High School women’s wrestling team made history as the champions of North Carolina’s first-ever Women’s Dual State Championship.

The Lady Bucks which was the first women’s high school wrestling team in NC, beat the Swain County Maroons 54-24 on Tuesday night.


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