Take a Break From the Daily Grind at One of These 5 North Carolina Coffee Shops

5 Must-Try Local Coffee Shops for Young Professionals

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By Leah Sherrell

February 23, 2023

Whether it’s the caffeine fix or the comforting ritual, coffee is one of those things people just can’t get enough of. So, take a break from your daily grind and treat yourself to a fantastic cup of coffee at one of these must-visit shops in North Carolina.

Dough Joe’s Doughnuts & Coffee, Winston-Salem


Remember Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Dough Joe’s atmosphere is like Belle’s dream cottage. The cozy and quaint shop is also a 100% nut-free environment; this is the place for you if you have nut allergies!

Drift Coffee, Wilmington


With 5 locations in Wilmington, Wrightsville, and Ocean Isle, Drift Coffee is your light, airy, trendy internet café. Each offers a unique experience. The Wrightsville Beach location is the perfect beach brunch spot, while the Ocean Isle Beach cafe is a few minutes away from the ocean. It may take a little longer to get cold in this neck of the woods, but Drift Coffee is committed to offering some classic holiday flavors.

Asali Cafe, Cary


Meaning “sweets” and “honey” in Arabic and Persian, Asali Cafe specializes in Mediterranean desserts. It’s the brainchild of two NC State alumni who understand coffee shops are a place to socialize, study, and relax. Asali also provides specialty cakes for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions, as well as high tea with an assortment of desserts, sandwiches, and spreads. 

Meeples Brew, Morrisville

The first board game cafe in Morrisville, Meeple’s Brew is a unique coffee house with over 850 board games and fun seasonal flavors! Meeple’s Brew has a library of premium games you can play in-store or rent between their two locations in Cary and Morrisville. If you bring your own game, you play for free. 

Green Joe’s, Greensboro


With an industrial atmosphere and talented baristas, Green Joe’s has rich flavors year-round that blend perfectly with holiday decadence. One of those drinks is the Cinnematic, a coffee prepared with brown sugar and cinnamon. You can join their exclusive coffee club for monthly shipments of coffee and special perks or sign up for their in-cafe cupping courses or Barista training classes

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