Trump Is In North Carolina. Here’s What One of the State’s Top Democrats Has to Say.

President Donald Trump arrives at the USS North Carolina battleship for a speech in September of 2020. (Melissa Sue Gerrits/Getty Images)

By Dr. Bobbie Richardson

June 5, 2021

With Trump set to give a speech in Greenville Saturday night, the state Democratic Chair says that NC Republicans have “surrendered” their party to the polarizing former president.

As the North Carolina Republican convention plays host to Donald Trump this weekend, one thing is clear: The Republican Party has completely surrendered itself to Donald Trump, doubling down on his disastrous record and divisive rhetoric while trying to block help from reaching American families.

Instead of acknowledging that Republicans lost the House, Senate and White House with Trump in charge, the North Carolina GOP and Republicans across the country have doubled and tripled down on their support of the former president, prioritizing him and his lies over creating millions of jobs and making much-needed investment in our infrastructure.

Meanwhile, President Biden and North Carolina Democrats in Congress are hard at work delivering for Americans. Thanks to Democrats’ leadership passing the American Rescue Plan families can put food on the table, pay the bills and keep their businesses open. Thanks to the steadfast leadership of Governor Roy Cooper and President Biden, our state and national economy are seeing reassuring growth, unemployment claims are falling week after week, businesses are hiring again, and a sense of normalcy is returning.

When given the opportunity to help get our country back on track after the pandemic, Republicans unanimously opposed putting checks in pockets and making it easier to get a vaccine.

Democrats’ American Rescue Plan gave us the tools to build a bridge to the future by delivering $5.7 billion to North Carolina in state fiscal relief. These critical funds give us an opportunity to invest in the state’s shared recovery as we emerge from the pandemic. Governor Cooper introduced a bold proposal to expand rural broadband and college scholarships for low-income families, invest in clean water and workforce development, and promote economic recovery for the hardest-hit industries across the state. All of this was made possible thanks to Democrats passing the American Rescue Plan that every single Republican opposed.

Already, over 40% of North Carolinians are fully vaccinated and COVID-19 cases are down here and across the country. Thanks to the competent leadership in the White House, COVID-19 is in retreat faster than anyone expected.

North Carolinians will not soon forget that every single one of our Republican representatives tried blocking the American Rescue Plan and delivering billions of dollars to North Carolina families and businesses.

Now, as our economy gets back on track, Democrats are proposing bold plans to create millions more jobs, fix our roads and bridges, and invest in America’s future. North Carolinians will be watching closely to see whether Republicans will again oppose delivering for our state.


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