COVID Cases Are Spiking in NC. What is Trump Doing About It?

Graphic via Tania Lili for Courier

By Max Millington

July 7, 2020

State government responding to NC’s troubling coronavirus trends, but little indication change is coming in Trump administration. 

Coronavirus is clearly not done with North Carolina.

The state’s new cases set new records every week, nearly exceeding 2,100 Friday. And most worryingly, hospitalizations are on the incline still, two weeks after Gov. Roy Cooper imposed a mandatory mask order and delayed plans to ease social distancing restrictions. 

Cooper has taken criticism from some for beginning to lift restrictions in May, but at the federal level, there’s been little indication President Trump’s administration is planning a change in strategy.

Indeed, Trump is blaming the trends in states like NC on increased testing. 

“When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people, you’re going to find more cases,” Trump told his supporters at a rally in Tulsa late last month.

It’s more than just rhetoric. 

As multiple outlets have reported, the president plans to cut funding for testing in 5 states. NC is not one of them. But Trump is reportedly refusing to ask for mask mandates or wear one himself. 

On July 1st, Trump stated that he hoped the virus would soon “just disappear.” But medical experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci, a member of Trump’s coronavirus task force, are only anticipating more increases through the coming weeks.


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