Poll: Biden Leads Trump in NC by Highest Margin Yet. Cooper, Cunningham Also at Top.

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By Billy Ball

June 4, 2020

The new polling also finds robust support for social distancing policies and the Cooper administration.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden leads President Trump by a four-point margin in North Carolina, the pollsters at Public Policy Polling reported Thursday morning.

The new polling, conducted June 2 and 3, marks the highest lead PPP polling has found for Biden in NC so far in 2020, with Trump’s disapproval surging to 50%. The PPP polling confirms a leap in disapproval for the president found at FiveThirtyEight and Newsweek

The new polling also found Democratic Senate candidate Cal Cunningham running an extraordinarily close race with Sen. Thom Tillis, the Charlotte Republican. In the new poll, Cunningham leads Tillis by 2 points, although the polling has a 3.2% margin of error.

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As Cardinal & Pine has reported, Cunningham and Tillis have been relatively in agreement on coronavirus policies in recent months, although the two differ sharply on the president’s administration.  

Some other interesting tidbits from the PPP poll:

  • While the new results tended to skew to the left, those polled tended to vote more conservatively in 2016. PPP reported that 47% of those polled said they voted for Trump in 2016, compared to 43% who voted for Hillary Clinton. Ten percent said they didn’t vote or they voted for someone else. 
  • “Undecideds” in the presidential race tilt hard for Democratic candidates, with those individuals backing Gov. Roy Cooper in his race against Lt. Gov. Dan Forest by 43 points. They also support Cunningham over Tillis by 31 points and tend to disapprove of Trump.
  • Cooper, meanwhile, maintains a double-digit lead in his race against Forest, leading 50 to 39. In the state, 55% approve of Cooper’s handling of coronavirus and 29% disapprove. 
  • The pollsters noted a “strong bipartisan consensus” on one piece of social distancing. According to the new poll, 57% think it’s “very important” to wear masks in public and 84% think it’s “somewhat important.”

For the full poll results, go here. 


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