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Sen. Thom Tillis continues to run an ad featuring a restaurant owner accused of racial bias. (Image via screenshot)
Thom Tillis Is Still Running Ad Featuring Restaurant Owner Accused of Racial Bias

Democrats pounding Republican senator for sticking with ad, which features owner of Lancaster’s BBQ in Mooresville.   US Sen. Thom Tillis continues to run an ad featuring a restaurant owner at the center of a federal lawsuit over racial bias, more than a week since multiple outlets reported the details of that case. Rev. Anthony Spearman,...

Widespread protests after George Floyd's death did not contribute to any noticeable increase in coronavirus infections, officials say. (Photo for Cardinal & Pine by Grant Baldwin)
COVID and George Floyd Have Changed America Forever

Why the United States can't go back to the way it was before coronavirus, before George Floyd. And why it shouldn't go back.

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NC’s Worst-Case COVID Plan Could Be Devastating for People with Pre-Existing Conditions

Disability rights groups file federal complaint alleging NC’s proposed plan leaves people with disabilities to shoulder disproportionate load.  If a spike of COVID-19 cases overwhelms North Carolina’s hospitals, communities of color, those living with disabilities, and elderly residents could be disproportionately shut out of life-saving treatments.  That’s the fear for several disability rights groups, including...