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Weeks After Trump Compels Meat Processors to Remain Open, COVID-19 Breaks Out at NC Tyson Plant

A Wilkesboro chicken plant is the site of another coronavirus outbreak at a North Carolina meat plant, Vice News reported Thursday.

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That Order Keeping NC Meat Plants Open Could Get Workers Killed, Advocates Say

Meat plants are considered ‘critical infrastructure,’ but COVID-19's spread in North Carolina facilities raises labor concerns.

NC DHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen (at the podium) addresses the coronavirus May 5 in Raleigh as Gov. Roy Cooper looks on. (Photo via DHHS pool photographer)
NC’s Top Health Official On Naming COVID-19 Meat Plant Outbreaks: ‘Stay Tuned’

North Carolina, home to the world’s largest pork slaughterhouse, has seen coronavirus infections in meat processing facilities rising quickly.