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A creek in North Carolina's gorgeous Pisgah National Forest. The forest is known for its rare mountain bogs too. (Shutterstock)
Take In These Four Endangered NC Landscapes While You Can

From mountain bogs to maritime forests, a guide to some of North Carolina’s most enchanted landscapes.

Legalized medical marijuana in North Carolina has long seemed a distant possibility. That possibility appears to be getting closer at the NC state legislature. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File)
Medical Marijuana, Medicaid, and Poisoned Water: Three Proposed North Carolina Laws to Watch

On Monday, the state Senate passed a bill that will legalize cannabis for medical purposes. We have the roundup of this and other key NC bills.

The Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. (Image via Shutterstock)
Each of North Carolina’s National Parks and Why You Should Visit One Right Now

A tour of the state’s choice national parks and sites, from the most beautiful mountain passes to the Atlantic’s gorgeous lookouts.

A new study from Duke University links tainted well water to teen delinquency. (Shutterstock)
What Does Lead-Tainted Water Have to Do With Teen Delinquency in NC? A Lot, New Study Finds.

The risk isn’t borne equally. Black children living below the poverty line are twice as likely to have elevated lead levels thanks to polluted wells. 

A massive wildfire has been burning at NC's Pilot Mountain since Saturday, torching hundreds of acres. (Photo by Richard Hill)
Pilot Mountain Is Burning. North Carolina, Climate Change Just Got Personal.

We can't be in denial any longer. Expect more blazes like this in North Carolina as the planet warms. 

A blue jay gives us a gorgeous view in Guilford County. A "mysterious disease" impacting songbirds across the U.S. appears to have missed our feathered friends in North Carolina. (Image via Shutterstock)
Birdwatchers Rejoice. The ‘Mysterious Disease’ Threatening Songbirds Has Spared North Carolina.

Our pandemic isn’t over. But North Carolina songbirds have missed the worst of a disease that plagued birds across the U.S.

Just in time for fall, Cardinal & Pine collects some of the best spots for picking apples in North Carolina. (Image for Shutterstock)
It’s Apple-Picking Season in North Carolina. Here’s Our Guide to the Best Spots This Fall.

Bar none, one of the best things you can do in North Carolina in the fall. Get picking.