On the anniversary of John McCain's thumbs down on Affordable Care Act repeal, lawmakers warn the health care law is still in peril.
Three Years After McCain’s Thumbs Down, Lawmakers Call for Protection of Affordable Care Act

On the anniversary of McCain's vote, state and federal lawmakers warn that the ACA is still in peril as US Supreme Court weighs law's fate.

Governor Roy Cooper listens to Dr. Mandy Cohen, Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, during their press briefing on the COVID-19 virus at the Emergency Operations Center on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 in Raleigh. (Image via NC DPS)
Cooper Shuts Down Late-Night Alcohol Sales. Will It Slow Down the Coronavirus?

North Carolinians will no longer be able to purchase alcohol after 11 pm, after Gov. Cooper issued a new ban meant to slow the coronavirus.

A NC teacher says that, with federal lawmakers stalled on aid for school reopening, Vice President Pence should not be in the state touting a private school right now. (Image via Shutterstock)
I’m a Teacher. Mike Pence’s Visit to a Private School in NC Today Sends the Wrong Message.

With federal lawmakers stalled on aid for reopening public schools, Mike Pence should not be touting a private school in NC right now.

With North Carolinians backing robust coronavirus policies, Biden, Cunningham, and Cooper opening up leads.  (Graphic via Shutterstock)
With Coronavirus Shaping the Election, Biden, Cunningham and Cooper Open up Leads

How robust coronavirus policies are allowing candidates like Joe Biden, Cal Cunningham, and Roy Cooper to seize control of their races.

NC DHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen dons a mask this month during a coronavirus media briefing. (Image via NC DPS)
How Do You Convince Someone to Wear a Mask? Be Nice About It, Experts Say.

Shame, ridicule, and confrontation might not be the best way to convince a coronavirus skeptic to wear a mask, NC experts say.

Image via Shutterstock
After President’s About-Face, NC Republicans Raising Funds on Trump Brand Masks

After the president changes tone on face masks during coronavirus pandemic, NC Republicans look to raise money on Trump-brand face masks.

NC educators and parents in many school districts are preparing for a remote reopening for NC schools. (Image via Shutterstock)
The Five Stages of Grieving Another School Year Lost to Coronavirus

As the coronavirus gets worse and worse in NC, educators and parents like myself are preparing for a remote school reopening.