Don't feel bad if fall and winter makes you feel blue. It's not uncommon. Here are some tips for beating it. (Shutterstock)
Fall’s a Bummer to Some People. Here’s What to Do If It Brings You Down.

Lots of people greet fall like an old friend. For others, the dying leaves and shorter days are one big bummer. Here are some tips if the season’s change is getting you down.

Cardinal & Pine Political Reporter Michael McElroy explains how negotiations over casinos could jeopardize Medicaid expansion.
How Casinos Could Derail Medicaid Expansion in NC

About 600,000 North Carolinians have been waiting for Medicaid expansion for more than a decade. Backdoor wrangling over casinos could jeopardize it. 

Rosalind Pichardo, the founder of the Philadelphia organization Operation Save Our City, demonstrates how to administer Narcan at the Health and Human Services Humphrey Building on Friday, Sept. 8, 2023, in Washington. Health officials held an event on Friday to mark the availability of the opioid overdose-reversal drug naloxone without a prescription. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)
Here’s How One NC County Is Recovering from the Opioid Epidemic

This eastern NC County is using the cash to buy more Narcan, an emergency overdose treatment. They’re also partnering with local orgs to reach more people. Share this with someone in Wilson. 

First Ward Park in Charlotte, NC
Spraygrounds, Cooling Stations, and Free Rides: Here’s What Charlotte Is Doing to Protect People from The Heat

Mecklenburg County, home to NC's largest city, is offering a lot of programs to protect people from the brutal heat. 

Forsyth County is giving out free electric fans to people who need it during this grueling heat. (Shutterstock)
One NC County Is Fighting the Heat By Giving Out Free Electric Fans

We all agree it’s hot outside - and in Forsyth County they’re taking cool down efforts seriously.

Flames from the Donnie Creek wildfire burn along a ridge top north of Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada, Sunday, July 2, 2023. Continuing wildfires in Canada have impacted air quality in North Carolina. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)
You’re Not Imagining the Haze: NC Air Quality is a ‘Code Orange’

The NC Department of Environmental Quality has issued a “Code Orange” or "unhealthy for sensitive groups" air quality alert for central and western North Carolina. 

Explained: The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (Which Went Into Effect June 27)

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is a pivotal piece of legislation that aims to ensure equal treatment and protection for pregnant employees in the workplace. Here's what you need to know about PWF.