Government Helps/Hurts

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Charlotte Unveils Plan to Provide Free Wi-Fi to Over 5,000 Homes

Thanks to Biden's American Rescue Plan, Charlotte is making remarkable strides towards digital inclusion.

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Op-Ed: Rail Becomes Reality With Biden’s Infrastructure Investments

President Biden's infrastructure law invested $58 million in the Raleigh to Richmond rail. In an op-ed a project that will benefit workers, the community, and the environment.

Image of Alligator River Bridge courtesy of North Carolina Department of Transportation
Op-Ed: The Infrastructure Law Proves Government Still Works

Funding from the law will help replace the Alligator River Bridge between Tyrrell and Dare counties, a "life-changing project," says Nathan Everett, Chair of the Tyrrell County Board of Commissioners.

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Meet Your Lawmakers: Rep. Kanika Brown Is Unfiltered on Guns, Reproductive Freedom, and Cowboy Hats

A Forsyth County Democrat, Brown's campaign focused on affordable housing, reproductive freedom, and preserving public education.

Graphic by Francesca Daly for Cardinal & Pine
Meet Your North Carolina Lawmakers: State Rep. Tim Longest of Wake County

Democrat Tim Longest was elected to represent West Raleigh in the state House in November. He supports Medicaid expansion, improving workers’ rights, and strengthening gun safety laws.

Graphic by Francesca Daly for Cardinal & Pine
Meet Your North Carolina Lawmakers: State Sen. Rachel Hunt of Mecklenburg County

Democrat Rachel Hunt was elected to represent southern Charlotte in the state Senate in November. She is a lawyer who previously served two terms in the state House. She is also an advocate for public education and the environment.