Record levels of inflation have Americans scrambling to make ends meet while corporate profits soar.
Grocery Store Prices Are Up, But So Are Corporate Profits

North Carolinians are wringing their hands over the still-increasing costs of living while businesses, as a whole, are raking it in. 

Some households can get help paying their outstanding water bills with federal funding available to avoid shutoffs. . The state program.
Behind on Your Water Bill? This NC Program Can Help

A program for lower-income households is helping pay outstanding water bills for struggling North Carolina residents. 

Similac produced at a Michigan facility is under a voluntary recall. (Image via Shutterstock.)
Similac, Other Baby Formulas, Under Recall After Reports of Sick Babies

A voluntary recall of the popular Similac formula was issued following reports of bacterial infections in four babies. The company is issuing refunds. 

Advanced child tax credit payments had a drastic impact on child poverty in the US, according to nonpartisan analysis of last year's COVID recovery program. (Photo by Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
Child Poverty Soars After GOP, Manchin Block Child Tax Credit Payments

It’s exactly what non-partisan groups warned would happen if Congress allowed the expansion to expire.

Families in North Carolina can get the rest of the child tax credit when they file their 2021 taxes. (Image via Shutterstock.)
Don’t Leave $1,500 on the Table: How NC Parents Can Get Their Full Child Tax Credit

Most parents and guardians have $1500 to $1800 owed to them per child by the federal government. Here’s how to get that money.

A new study from Duke University links tainted well water to teen delinquency. (Shutterstock)
What Does Lead-Tainted Water Have to Do With Teen Delinquency in NC? A Lot, New Study Finds.

The risk isn’t borne equally. Black children living below the poverty line are twice as likely to have elevated lead levels thanks to polluted wells. 

The vaccine might soon be available for babies and toddlers, federal health officials say. (Shutterstock)
Babies and Toddlers May Be Able to Get Vaccinated Soon

If approved, younger kids could get the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine by the end of February.