The push for higher wages has seen some states, but not North Carolina, raise the minimum wage. (Image via Shutterstock)
Behind the Curve: Why the Minimum Wage in NC Hasn’t Gone Up in Years

North Carolina kept its minimum wage at $7.25 while most other states boosted pay this year.   More than half of the nation’s states — 26 of them — opted to raise their minimum wages in 2022 to address gaps between what people make and what it costs to get by. But North Carolina wasn’t among...

'Not So Super Publishing' Founder Jacques Nyemb makes comic and children's book gold out of everyday Black heroes. (Image via Not So Super Publishing; Photo by Carolyn Scott)
Best of 2021: How Comic Book Heroes and Real-Life Heroes Made North Carolina Better This Year

C&P's Max Millington counts down his favorite North Carolinians in the news this year.

Alyah Baker, owner of NC-based clothing store Show and Tell Concept Shop, says that seeking out Black-owned businesses is a good way to strengthen your local community. (Photo by Moriah Lefebvre)
These 15 Black-Owned NC Businesses Will Amp Up Your Holiday Gift Game

One-of-a-kind clothing, wreaths, killer cotton candy, and a sneakerhead’s dream at these NC-based Black-owned businesses.

An empty street on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Proponents of Biden's newly-signed infrastructure act say the funding will dramatically impact roads, bridges, internet, and transit in rural North Carolina. (Shutterstock)
It’s the Small Towns of North Carolina Like Mine That Desperately Need Biden’s Infrastructure Funding

A former state lawmaker from Franklin County on growing up in an infrastructure-starved town, and why Biden’s new infrastructure act makes a difference.

Educators protest budget shortfalls under Republican leadership outside the NC General Assembly in May 2018. The budget has become a very secretive process in the state. (Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images)
The State’s Budget Belongs to the People of North Carolina. So Why Is It Settled in Back Rooms?

NC's budget plan has a huge impact on your education and healthcare. Too bad it's such a big secret.

Raleigh Denim is made in the state capital, but known well beyond. (Image courtesy of Raleigh Denim.)
Five Fashion Brands Putting North Carolina On the Map

These designers who call North Carolina home are shaping style well beyond our state's borders.

A view of a damaged trailer in Haywood County, NC, after historic flooding. Gov. Roy Cooper declared a State of Emergency in Haywood County after the heavy rainfall from Tropical Depression Fred devastated the area, putting businesses under 6 feet of water and mud and killing several.l 
Climate scientists warn that climate change will produce more frequent and violent storms in the years to come. (Photo by Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
Climate Change Is Not a Warning for North Carolina – It’s Already Here.

A rural North Carolina advocate on the need for big climate change and infrastructure plans to offset the impacts on farms and families.