Rural Western North Carolina. 
Photo Credit: Dylan Rhoney
How North Carolina’s Budget Impacts Rural Communities

For rural NC, the budget has a boost in Medicaid expansion, and another round of pain for public education. 

The North Carolina General Assembly
State Workers Get Small Raises in New Budget, but It Doesn’t Solve the Hiring Crisis

North Carolina state employees received a 4% pay increase this year and will get a 3% pay increase in 2024, under the new state budget passed last week. But the increase does not keep up with the cost of inflation and the State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC) had sought higher pay increases. As...

A midnight session of the General Assembly, where the House passed the budget 32 hours after it was made public.
Medicaid Expansion Becomes Reality After Months of Delays

A half-million North Carolinians waited more than a decade for Republicans to stop their blockade of federal aid for more affordable healthcare. 

The guard tower and railroad tracks at Auschwitz II - Birkenau. Photo Credit: Dylan Rhoney
Teaching About the Holocaust Is Now Required in NC Public Schools

A 2021 law in North Carolina aims to make sure we don't forget one of the most terrible moments in history. 

Canton Paper Mill Closing
There’s a Sense of Optimism Three Months After the Canton Paper Mill Closed

In May, one NC town lost the paper mill that fueled its economy. We found a surprising thing when we returned three months later. People are optimistic.

The North Carolina House of Representatives. Photograph by Dylan Rhoney
North Carolina Republicans Take Control of Charter School Boards

Critics of the bill have argued that it could politicize charter schools and represents Republicans' latest effort to consolidate their power. 

Richard Nixon subpoenaed by Rufus Edmisten, left, and Terry Lenzner, in 1973.
Fifty Years Ago Today, NC’s Rufus Edmisten Delivered the Nixon Subpoena

Fifty years ago today, on July 23, 1973, Rufus Edmisten became the first person in US history to deliver a subpoena against a sitting president.