As fake insurance agents make their way across NC, here’s what to look out for

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May 29, 2024

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner warns of scammers posing as insurance agents.

North Carolina‘s Insurance Commissioner, Mike Causey, has issued a warning to residents of the state about door-to-door salespeople posing as agents from the N.C. Department of Insurance. These imposters are reportedly attempting to sell fake insurance coverage to unsuspecting consumers. The department’s Criminal Investigations Division is currently looking into the matter.

The fraudulent activity has become increasingly common, as this is the fourth reported instance since 2020 of individuals impersonating N.C. Department of Insurance agents. The reports reveal that some of these scammers may even present a business card that bears the department’s logo, falsely asserting their affiliation. It’s important to note that the N.C. Department of Insurance does not actually sell insurance.

According to Commissioner Causey, “These impersonators are attempting to scare or intimidate consumers into buying fraudulent insurance. Our Criminal Investigations Division is committed to stopping these scams and will collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to seek maximum charges against the culprits.”

The Commissioner also advised that attempts by representatives to collect Social Security numbers under the pretense of being from Medicare is another common scam. Individuals with information regarding such fraudulent activities are urged to report it by calling 919.807.6840 or 888.680.7684.

Tips for spotting scams

Here are some additional tips from the Federal Trade Commission for spotting insurance scams:

Government Impersonation

  • Scammers claim to be from the government, asking for money or personal information.
  • Real government agencies will never make such requests over the phone.

Fee for New Medicare Card

  • Scammers may tell you to pay for a new Medicare card or you’ll lose coverage.
  • Medicare cards are free and Medicare won’t call you out of the blue.

Fake Medical Discount Plans

  • Scammers sell fake plans, charging fees for little or no benefit.
  • Verify claims and participating doctors before signing up.

Sensitive Information for Quotes

  • Scammers request sensitive information for health insurance quotes.
  • Legitimate quotes only require basic information like income and age.

Paid Assistance with Health Insurance Marketplace

  • Legitimate helpers, called Navigators or Assisters, do not charge fees.
  • They also won’t ask for personal or financial information.

Additional Precautions

  • Verify Sources: Use for trusted comparisons and information.
  • Research Companies: Look up companies online to check for complaints or fraud.
  • Confirm Licensing: Ensure any health plan is licensed by your state insurance commissioner.
  • Insist on Details: Demand specific answers and documentation before committing to any plan.
  • Check Major Insurers: Confirm claims of association with major insurers directly with the companies.

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This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.As fake insurance agents make their way across NC, here’s what to look out forAs fake insurance agents make their way across NC, here’s what to look out for

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