Good news! NC offers free classes for overwhelmed and isolated parents

By Alexis Lawson

May 5, 2024

Access to affordable resources isn’t just about the child’s well-being—it’s about supporting parents too!

From infancy through adolescence, every stage presents unique challenges and without adequate support, parents can feel overwhelmed and isolated, affecting their mental health and parenting abilities.

The NC Triple P State Learning Collaborative ensures that every parent, regardless of their stage, has access to vital resources. With the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program available for FREE or at a low cost. For more information, go here.

And for more of Cardinal & Pine’s ongoing Black maternal health project, click here.


  • Alexis Lawson

    Alexis is Cardinal & Pine's social media manager. A passionate writer and storyteller, she is dedicated to amplifying marginalized voices and celebrating the power of storytelling. She has contributed to a variety of publications, including Business Insider, MetroUk and MadameNoire.



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