VIDEO: Anderson Clayton: NC Democrats Represent “Decency” on the Ballot

By Dylan Rhoney

May 2, 2024
Anderson Clayton thinks North Carolinians “deserve better than what we are getting” — and firmly believes Democrats are the party that can make life better for struggling residents.

“Anyone that’s working three jobs right now deserves better than what they’re getting, anyone that is sitting there and wondering ‘where does my next meal come from? Do I pay my rent or my grocery bills this month? What do I pay, this credit card or do I do this this month?’ You deserve better than that,” Clayton, the chair of the state Democratic party, told Cardinal & Pine.

“And that’s what we’re promising this year in North Carolina is that Democrats are going to deliver better than what the Republicans have given you for the last decade,” she continued.


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  • Dylan Rhoney

    Dylan Rhoney is an App State grad from Morganton who is passionate about travel, politics, history, and all things North Carolina. He lives in Raleigh.



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