VIDEO: NC Farmers Can’t Repair Their Own Equipment. Here’s How That Hurts Them.

By Dylan Rhoney

January 12, 2024

Imagine purchasing equipment that’s critical to the success of your business that costs you tens, if not over a hundred thousand dollars, but you’re not allowed to make repairs on the equipment yourself.

That is the reality that farmers in North Carolina and across the country fact: they are required to take that equipment to the dealer they purchased it from, or have a maintenance worker come out to repair the machinery.

Warren County farmer Patrick Brown says the lack of a “right-to-repair” policy in the state is burdensome and can be very costly.

“If the dealer comes out to you, you’re going to pay a travel fee of up to $180-$200. Plus the hourly rate once that maintenance tech gets on your farm to start to work,” Brown said.


  • Dylan Rhoney

    Dylan Rhoney is an App State grad from Morganton who is passionate about travel, politics, history, and all things North Carolina. He lives in Raleigh.

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