Good News Friday: NC teacher gets the Lifetime Achievement Award

By Leah Sherrell

November 9, 2023

How one educator is changing lives, an NC exhibit reopens, and more in the week of Good News Friday.


Happy Friday and welcome back to your weekly source of good news from North Carolina.

We’ve got a lot this week with new and improved spaces, achievement awards, and Veterans Day!

Durham Teacher Receives Lifetime Achievement Award


Earlier this week, 40 community leaders in the Triangle received the Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joe Biden which recognizes exceptional leadership and volunteerism. Among the recipients was Durham County public school teacher Turquoise Parker. Outside of teaching in school, she is the Racial and Social Justice teacher of Mrs. Parker’s Professors.




NC Zoo Aviary Set to Reopen


Almost two years ago the popular aviary exhibit at the NC Zoo shut down when an outbreak of the avian flu revealed that the enclosure needed extensive repairs totaling almost $50 million. The zoo had no option but to close the exhibit at the time, but that is all changing due to $60 million of the state budget being allocated towards the aviary’s repair!

Diane Villa, the Zoo’s director of communications, said in an email that, “the Zoo is adding much more than we lost…it will truly be a wonderful gift to the citizens of North Carolina.”

Nashville North Carolina is Getting a New Firehouse


Have you been to Nashville, North Carolina?

Unlike Nashville Tennessee’s population of almost 700,000, North Carolina’s Nashville has just over 5,500 residents. And they’re getting a new fire department!

The current fire department shares space with the police force, and a $1.3 million grant will allow new construction on a 4.5 acre site on the eastern side of town.


Read the full story here.

Veterans Day Across North Carolina


North Carolina’s veteran and military populations are some of the largest of any state– and we take Veterans Day pretty seriously. There will be parades, ceremonies, Fields of Honor, and luncheons across the state to honor those who have served throughout the weekend.

Click here to read a (non-exhaustive) list of events you can attend for Veterans Day this weekend!


  • Leah Sherrell

    Leah Sherrell is a multimedia reporter for Cardinal & Pine. A graduate of UNC-Wilmington, she's a resident of Kernersville with a background in video production and communication. Leah uses many forms of media to explore the multifaceted lifestyles and cultures present in North Carolina.


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