Video, Photos: Cardinal & Pine grades the food at the NC State Fair

NC State Fair food

Featured in "Leah Tries," Tropical Delight's vegan ube (sweet purple yam) and coconut soft-serve is brand new to the NC State Fair!

By Staff Reports

October 20, 2023

How do you do the NC State Fair right? By hitting the rides, checking out the exhibits, and, of course, going hogwild on the food.

The NC State Fair lasts through Sunday. Which means you’re almost out of time.

But if you haven’t gone yet, Cardinal & Pine’s Leah Sherrell took one for the team and tried out the exhibits, and—most importantly—the food.

Scroll below for tips on how to make the most of the fair. And a special “Leah Tries” treatment of state fair food, including the so-called “redneck eggroll” and a coconut soft-serve ice cream.


4 tips for the 2023 @ncstatefair 🎡 Catch a ride across the fairgrounds on the State Flyer to get your bearings. Check out the “New State Fair Foods” map to see exactly where the new fair foods are located. You can find the map at the link in our bio 👆🏾 👆🏾 Stop by Village of Yesteryear to talk with some of the coolest traditional craftspeople in North Carolina. Bring cash or be prepared for the ATM fees! #fall #fallfestivities #oktoberfest #ncstatefair #thingstodoinnc #raleighnc #nclife #ncliving #ncfoodie

♬ original sound – Cardinal & Pine – Cardinal & Pine


😋 A special “Leah Tries” from the N.C. State Fair: 📌 Chicken empanada and passion fruit juice from @arepalocacrazytasty 📌 “Redneck egg roll” from @fatboys_bbq_nc 📌 Ube and coconut soft serve from @tdsmoothies 📌 Roasted Corn with parmesan and garlic salt What was your favorite food at the fair? For more like this, follow @cardinalandpine! #fall #fallfestivities #oktoberfest #ncstatefair #thingstodoinnc #raleighnc #nclife #ncliving #ncfoodie

♬ original sound – Cardinal & Pine – Cardinal & Pine

Having a blast at the NC State Fair in Raleigh.

Lifting off at the NC State Fair’s lift in Raleigh.

This pumpkin grown in Nash County, NC won the 2023 Great Pumpkin Weigh off – coming in at almost 1,100 pounds!


Her laugh is contagious! This fairgoer had already visited the @ncstatefair 3 times this year and really wants to know where people are keeping their giant prizes 😂 🧸 #fall #fallfestivities #oktoberfest #ncstatefair #thingstodoinnc #raleighnc #nclife #ncliving #ncfoodie

♬ original sound – Cardinal & Pine – Cardinal & Pine

NC artist Senora Lynch uses these tools to create traditional Haliwa-Saponi pottery.



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