Good News Friday: Endangered 5-Foot Fish Rescued off Greenville’s Tar River

The NC Wildlife Resources Commission recently rescued an endangered, 5-foot Atlantic Sturgeon that had become stranded in a tributary of Greenville's Tar River. (Image via NC Wildlife)

By Leah Sherrell

October 6, 2023

It’s time for our weekly roundup of good news: This week, the state fair is dedicating each day to a family farm, a Raleigh family wins big on “Family Feud,” and a massive fish took a wrong turn out in eastern NC. 

Friday means getting ready for the weekend and a round-up of good news from North Carolina. 

Friendly Neighborhoods in NC

Neighbor Blog released its annual “Most Neighborly Cities” rankings last week, and both Raleigh and Winston-Salem made the top 25! The cities were ranked based on neighborly relationships, community events, willingness to help each other, and whether residents planned to stay long-term. 

Raleigh made the list for a third consecutive year at no. 9, while Winston-Salem appeared for the first time at no. 16.

NC State Fair Celebrates Farm Families

The NC State Fair in 2017. (Image via NC State Fair)

The N.C. State Fair will be up and running next week, and they’re bringing back a special way to honor the state’s agricultural heritage with “Farm Families of the Day.” 

Each fair day is dedicated to one of 11 farm families.  The families were nominated by their communities and the State Fair will feature them on social media, with signs on the fairgrounds, and public address. 

Some of the farms being recognized are:

Windmill Acres Farm of Kernersville, a fourth-generation cattle farm. 

Gabor Farms of Rockingham, a veteran-owned mushroom and vegetable farm. 

Willow Oak Farms of  Fuquay-Varina, a third-generation working farm. 

NC Wildlife Rescues Rare Fish

Last month, the NC Wildlife Resources Commission got a call about a 5-foot fish that had taken a wrong turn and ended up stranded in a tributary of Greenville’s Tar River. 

The Atlantic Sturgeon is a rare and federally endangered species–this was one of three sightings ever recorded in the Tar River. 

With help from the NOAA and the fisheries team at UNC-Wilmington, NC Wildlife was able to tag the sturgeon, move it from the tributary, and release it back to the main river. 

NC Wildlife Resources Commission managed to rescue an endangered 5-foot fish in Greenville’s Tar River. (Image via NC Wildlife Resources Commission)

Survey Says: A Win for Raleigh Family On Family Feud

Raleigh resident Nada Elhertani convinced her siblings to sign up for a game of Family Feud and the chance to win $20,000. 

When the episode aired on FOX 50 last week, it revealed they had won! In an interview with WRAL, the siblings talked about how the best part of it all was preparing for the show with each other over board games and trivia nights. 


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