Good News Friday: NC’s Biggest Cities Among the Most ‘Climate Resilient’ in the Nation

Is Raleigh climate friendly? A new survey from Architectural Digest ranked Raleigh and Charlotte as two of the most "climate-resilient" cities in America. (Shutterstock)

By Leah Sherrell

August 18, 2023

It’s that time of week! Send this to someone who wants to get in on the warm fuzzies from North Carolina.

Happy Friday! 

Read on for some feel-good, and pride-inspiring stories from around North Carolina. 

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NC’s Climate Resilient Cities 

Architectural Digest compiled and analyzed data from 50 major cities about their ability to withstand climate change. While the topic of climate change and its impact on our lives is a bit of a downer (ok a huge downer), you’ll be happy to hear that both of North Carolina’s major cities slid into the top 10 Most Climate-Resilient Cities.

The scoring method ranks cities on an overall resiliency score of 136 points.  The score based on factors like clean energy infrastructure, climate change preparedness, and air quality. 

Coming in second place, our capital city, Raleigh, scored 115 out of the possible 136 points. 

Not far from second place is Charlotte! Sitting in fifth place, the Queen City has a resiliency score of 111.

Raleigh Allocating 300,000 to Improve Affordable Housing 

In 2021, the city of Raleigh purchased a hotel and transformed the rooms into extended stay studios for people facing homelessness and in need of housing.

Studios 2800 is an example of a city using existing infrastructure to create long-term, affordable housing. According to CBS17, the Raleigh City Council  approved $300,000 to make improvements and convert a portion of the rooms into permanent housing. 

4 Divers Rescued off Cape Fear Coast 

The Coast Guard rescued and returned four divers to their families after they had gone missing on Sunday, Aug. 13.  After a 12-hour search the divers, aged 16 to 64 years old, were found when the Coast Guard spotted their SOS strobe light. 

Captain Timothy List, commander of the Coast Guard Sector North Carolina, said this was exactly the outcome they hoped for


NC Students Place 6th in International Environmental Competition 

For the sixth time, Enloe Magnet High School competed in North America’s largest high school environmental competition. 

The NCF-Envirothon combines STEM with outdoor field experience to explore conservation and environmental education. After winning the state-level competition, the Wake County-based team, Subchronic Exposure, went on to the international stage in New Brunswick, Canada, where they placed sixth. 


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