Good News Friday: When a NC Pet Shelter Asked for Help, People Answered

NC Pet Shelter

When an overcrowded animal shelter in Wake County asked for help, NC answered. (Shutterstock)

By Leah Sherrell

August 11, 2023

This week made us tear up a little bit (in the best way). We’re talking rainbow bridges, NC pet shelters, and continuing the Barbie craze.

Happy Friday everyone! This week’s Good News Friday roundup may have a touch of bittersweet feelings (anything about a NC pet shelter does!), but we promise it’s all good news.

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City of Raleigh Museum’s Newest Exhibit

City of Raleigh Museum’s newest exhibit, “African American Musicians of North Carolina,” is open!

The interactive exhibit is part of the museum’s “Come Hear” initiative that memorializes our state’s musical traditions and legacies. Now through Oct. 29, the museum will explore the genres and influence of North Carolina’s most impactful artists like Thelonious Monk and Nina Simone.

The Heroes Who Helped a NC Pet Shelter

Last week Wake County put out a desperate call for help.

For the first time in seven years they were facing the possibility of putting down pets in their care. The facility was completely full and more than 220 animals needed a new home – and the community banded together to save them.

In one day, 138 pets found new forever homes, and Wake County Animal Center’s community partners took in 29 more. If you are looking for a furry best friend, pets who have been at the shelter for more than 15 days have a waived adoption fee.

The Rainbow Bridge

Speaking of furry friends, if you own a pet, you may have heard of the rainbow bridge.

In poems, the rainbow bridge is a metaphorical place where owners and their four-legged companions meet to enter the afterlife together.

Thanks to local artist Amy Wald, North Carolina now has a real-life rainbow bridge in Lake Lure. After the loss of her dogs, she built a brightly colored bridge where families can commemorate the lives of their animal best friends.

Vintage Barbies in an Unforgettable NC Museum

If you can’t get enough of Barbie after Greta Gerwig’s record-breaking billion dollar film, Spencer, NC is the place to continue your obsession.

The NC Museum of Dolls, Toys, and Miniatures has several generations of Barbie dolls dating back to the 1960’s. In addition to Barbie, the museum is home to thousands of artifacts preserving the history of childhood and the toys that go with it.


💗 Watch our intern, Toni Ocloo, get the ♥️ #Barbenheimer 💣 experience! She caught the two films at a Chapel Hill theater last weekend. The cultural phenomenon—which includes a double-shot of the blockbusters “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer”— racked up about $311 million in domestic box office sales over the weekend. Let us know in the comments which movie you saw (maybe both?) and which you enjoyed most! #northcarolina #barbie #oppenheimer #northcarolinaliving #northcarolinalife #chapelhill

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