Good News Friday: NC Watermelon Season Will Be Longer This Year

The extreme heat and dry conditions made for a rough start to watermelon season in NC, but July rains are bringing the melon back. (Shutterstock)

By Leah Sherrell

July 28, 2023

It’s time for some good news, and this week we’re talking soccer, watermelon, and a special fact about the North Carolina Zoo. 

This week’s Good News Friday is all over the place – and we like it that way. 

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Read on for some good news you’ll be glad to hear about North Carolina:

Women’s Soccer Champs

Our state has a history of turning out extraordinary soccer players, like Mia Hamm, and this year is no different.  During the Women’s World Cup, Team U.S.A. is playing on the world stage with three alumni from North Carolina universities. Emily Fox and Crystal Dunn graduated from UNC, and goalkeeper Aubrey Kingsbury from Wake Forest. As of Wednesday evening Team U.S.A has one win against Vietnam (3-0) and one draw with the Netherlands (1-1).

Watermelon Comeback 

Watermelon season had a rough start this year due to June’s intense heat and lack of rain. However, that’s starting to turn around. 

Howell Farm & Company in Goldsboro says that because of the July rain, the crop is making a comeback. They will likely be harvesting watermelons all the way into September, and we have the perfect guide for picking out the tastiest ones. 

NC Zoo Largest Natural Habitat Zoo in the World 

Good News Friday: NC Watermelon Season Will Be Longer This Year

Giraffe  (Shutterstock)

Whether or not you’ve been, it may surprise you to learn that the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro is the largest natural habitat zoo in the world. 

The enclosures incorporate elements from the habitats that the animals come from. With 500 developed acres of land the NC Zoo provides a lot of space for its inhabitants – which is why you may not always see the elephants or giraffes when you visit. 

Durham Company Removes PFAs due to Duke Research 

A company out of Durham, 374Water, is using technology developed at Duke University to eliminate PFAs, food waste, microplastics and bacteria from our wastewater. They sold their first commercial unit to Orange County sanitation officials who are combating food waste that would usually emit greenhouse gasses as they decompose. 


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