Grandfather of a Trans Youth Speaks Out on GOP Bill Banning Gender-Affirming Care in North Carolina

State Rep. John Autry, a Democrat representing Mecklenburg County, says he has a trans granddaughter. He talked to Cardinal & Pine about anti-trans legislation pushed by Republicans in recent days. (Image via Autry's Facebook page)

By Staff Reports

July 6, 2023

North Carolina Rep. John Autry, a Democrat from Charlotte, says a bill banning gender-affirming care for minors is a classic example of “government overreach.”

On Wednesday, Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed three bills that would limit the rights of LGBTQ North Carolinians.

Among them, House Bill 808, which sets out to ban gender-affirming health care for minors. The Republican sponsors of the legislation say they want to protect youth, but parents of trans kids and medical providers have criticized the bill as an invasive restriction.

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“A doctor’s office is no place for politicians,” Cooper said of his veto Wednesday. “And North Carolina should continue to let parents and medical professionals make decisions about the best way to offer gender care for their children.”

Add North Carolina lawmaker John Autry, who represents Charlotte in the state House of Representatives, to the list of critics. Autry talked to Cardinal & Pine about having a trans granddaughter, and why he considers House Bill 808 to be a “colossal example of government overreach.”

Watch Autry’s comments in two clips below.


After the North Carolina House passed a ban on gender affirming care last Wednesday, Cardinal & Pine spoke with Representative John Autry of Mecklenburg County, whose granddaughter, Savanah, is transgender. Autry shared Savanah’s story with us, and explained how critical it was for her to receive that care. “If she had not had access to that care… it could have been tragic.” Autry told us. #GenderAffirmingCare #LGBTQSupport #TransHealth #QueerWellness #InclusiveMedicine #TransVisibility #GenderEquality #LGBTQHealthcare #TransRights #AffirmingCommunity #NonBinaryCare #TransHealthMatters #QueerInclusivity #TransWellbeing #GenderAffirmation #LGBTQSafeSpace

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This is just the latest round of anti-LGBTQ bills passed by Republican leadership in #NorthCarolina in the last decade, since #HB2 made NC the face of anti-gay legislation in the nation.


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