Good News Friday: The NC Zoo’s Expecting a Baby Giraffe, and Music for a Good Cause

The NC Zoo is expecting a new giraffe calf. Who's excited? (Shutterstock)

By Leah Sherrell

May 5, 2023

Life’s hard enough. Let’s have our weekly roundup of good news in and around the state of NC. 

Welcome to our weekly installment of good news. 

Sometimes it’s cute, other times it’s uplifting. Some we include new discoveries from around our state. No matter which category it falls into, we hope you enjoy the read. 

Family Love in the Giraffe Tower 

Groups of giraffes are called towers (haha). They don’t typically have strong familial ties but the NC Zoo released a video this week of Aunt Amelia checking out Leia’s baby bump. This is Leia’s first calf and she’s expected to give birth sometime this spring. 

Cary Man raises $14,000 for Alzheimer’s Research by Playing the Trumpet 

Maybe you’ve heard of the Trumpet Man in Cary, or if you’ve been downtown in the evening maybe you’ve heard him play. 

Larry Kingsley is an Air Force veteran that has been playing for a cause for almost three years. His late wife battled Alzheimers in her last years, and since he’s been playing downtown, Kingsley has raised more than $14,000 in donations to support Alzheimer’s research. 

Chapel Hill Public Library Adds Free Menstrual Products to Their Public Restrooms.

Yep, that’s right. The Chapel Hill Public Library wants to make everyone feel comfortable here, and that means making sure there’s easy access to free menstrual products. 

Maybe you don’t have the spare change to buy one out of a dispenser, or you don’t have anyone around that you can grab a spare from. That’s no longer a problem thanks to the coinless dispensers located in all five public restrooms. 

Debt Relief for Abuse Survivors

Financial abuse is often a part of domestic violence, and a new bipartisan bill in the General Assembly is addressing that. 

House Bill 561 makes it possible for people who were financially coerced to raise their credit scores, have their debt partially forgiven, and even seek repayment from their abuser. It’s making its way through House committees and we hope to see the House vote on it soon! 


  • Leah Sherrell

    Leah Sherrell is a multimedia reporter for Cardinal & Pine. A graduate of UNC-Wilmington, she's a resident of Kernersville with a background in video production and communication. Leah uses many forms of media to explore the multifaceted lifestyles and cultures present in North Carolina.

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