NC Dad: My Daughter Is Learning in a Classroom This Fall

Dave Mancuso and his wife opted to send their daughter to an in-person private school despite the coronavirus pandemic. (Image via Dave Mancuso.)

By Sarah Ovaska

September 29, 2020

Dave Mancuso, a Cornelius father of two, talked to Cardinal & Pine about the decision to send his daughter to a private school holding in-person classes for kindergarten. (As told to Sarah Ovaska)

I work for a North Carolina-based bank while my wife works in the pharmaceutical industry. That means we’ve needed help caring for our two children, 5 and 3, during this pandemic so that we can keep working.

We live in Cornelius and are part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system. We were looking at having our daughter do kindergarten, but the school district was wavering this summer of whether they’d do virtual learning or in-person.

We decided to put my oldest, my 5-year-old daughter, in private school for this fall, where she’ll start kindergarten. We really wanted her to be in a classroom learning with other children. My son will keep going to our nanny’s home.

 I know it’s hard for the public schools here, especially given how many kids and scenarios the leaders have to account for when making decisions. They have to make a blanket decision that covers everybody, and that means there’s not as much flexibility from school to school. CMS leaders seem to have done the best they could with the resources they had.

We had already been considering private schools, and decided to enroll my daughter when we realized she could be going to school in person, where the school could pay close attention and she could learn in a classroom with a small number of students. 

They’re doing daily temperature checks, which seems great, but it also seems like that’s not a great indicator if someone has been infected with CVODI-19 and might be contagious. There is a lot of required hand washing, and they will try to have the kids observe social distancing as best they can.

It kind of surprises me that schools and daycares haven’t been doing checks like this beforehand, especially seeing how quickly influenza can spread in the regular flu season. As hard as this is, maybe we’ll come out of this pandemic with different approaches on how to keep people safe and healthy.


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