Cardinal Votes: Your Guide to Voting in North Carolina in 2020

Cardinal Votes: Your Guide to Voting in North Carolina in 2020

By Billy Ball

September 3, 2020

Pandemic or not, we’re voting. Here’s a one-stop shop for how-to’s, news, data, and Election 2020.

This election is about who we are and who we aren’t.

But it’s also about what we will do to protect our right to vote, come hell or high water or pandemic or post office backlog. 

At Cardinal & Pine, we know this election, as much as any other in our history, has the potential to alter our nation’s destiny. There is no need for literary hyperbole here. We are living hyperbole. 

How we vote this year will say a great deal about what we believe, whether it’s environmental justice, education, social justice, racial inequality, or, at the very core of it, our health and safety. 

That’s why it is so imperative that however you lean, to the right or to the left or to somewhere in between, you find a way to vote this year. 

Many will vote for the first time, mail in their ballot for the first time, and work at a polling site for the first time. In coordination with our parent site, COURIER, we’ve compiled all the information you need to participate in the election, no matter how you choose to do so. 

At COURIER’s Your Vote 2020 hub you’ll find a collection of stories from each of the battleground states—including, of course, North Carolina—along with national reporting, that explain the ins and outs of voting during a pandemic; spotlight voters across the country and the reasons they are submitting a ballot this year; keep you informed on the barriers put in place this election cycle so you can ensure your vote is counted; and highlight the work of those who are fighting for fairness. 

COURIER and our sister publications, like Cardinal & Pine, are also sharing what it’s like to participate in this election—whether as a first-time voter, poll worker, or mail carrier in a battleground state. Have a story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it at [email protected].

In North Carolina, we have options. Indeed, when state officials send out mail-in ballots this Friday, our state will have the opportunity to be the first to make our choices. 

And in a state where you can register to vote online now, we have an opportunity to be heard and counted.

Prize your safety this fall, but prize your voice too. No politician or pandemic can stop you.     

We’ll keep a running log here of Cardinal’s 2020 voting coverage, including plenty of explainers, trends, and original reporting to come.


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For more coverage, including national reporting, visit COURIER’S Your Vote 2020 hub here. 


  • Billy Ball

    Billy Ball is Cardinal & Pine's senior community editor. He’s covered local, state and national politics, government, education, criminal justice, the environment and immigration in North Carolina for almost two decades, winning state, regional and national awards for his reporting and commentary.

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