Droughts, Stronger Hurricanes, and Rising Seas: A Dire Warning for North Carolina’s Climate Future

A new state climate change report warns of rising seas, droughts and stronger hurricanes. (Image via Shutterstock)

By patmoran

June 17, 2020

State report says NC must offer sustainable ways to reduce greenhouse gases immediately.

Sea levels will rise, summers will get even hotter, rainfall will increase, hurricanes will intensify, and droughts, flooding, wildfires and landslides will become more common, according to a sobering report on climate change issued by North Carolina officials.

Eleven months in the making, the North Carolina “Climate Risk Assessment and Resilience Plan” issues dire warnings about the effects man-made climate change will have on the state by the end of the century unless sustainable measures are taken quickly to stop greenhouse gas emissions.

According to North Carolina Health News, climate change will affect the state’s agriculture, economy, tourism, transportation, housing and  public safety as well as residents’ health, the report says.

Important steps have already been taken, the report claims, including Gov. Roy Cooper’s Executive Order 80, which  seeks to reduce greenhouse gases in the state by 40% from 2005 levels by 2025.

Similar efforts will increase the state’s resiliency in the face of unprecedented changes, the report states.

“By setting clear goals, taking action, and evaluating progress on a regular basis, North Carolina can ensure that our…state thrives amid changing conditions and challenges. This shared vision of resilience will enable us to maintain and improve our quality of life, healthy growth, and durable systems and to conserve resources for present and future generations.” 

The report was authored by officials in state agencies such as the Department of Environmental Quality, the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, and NC State University’s Institute for Climate Studies.


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